Getting started with Lid Ninja

Think of Lid Ninja as your first step to having a partner help you step up your hat design game. It cannot get any easier or profitable than when working with us. First step is you create an account and down load one of our Lid Ninja Templates.

To get started. 11 simple steps to greatness:

  1. Sign up at Lid Ninja and create a profile
  2. Think about your design and your campaign
  3. Pick the hat template that will really help you showcase your design skills. (View Templates)
  4. Design your hat using one of the templates
  5. Fill out the questionnaire in regards your hat details
  6. Work with a project ninja to get a rendering created
  7. Get you campaign approved and go live
  8. Tell all you friend and family about your hats
  9. Sell 35 hats and get you have reached success!
  10. The campaign ends and your hats are produced and they are shipped to the supporters
  11. Get paid! Repeat. (View the different ways to get paid)

Some great tips to ensure that you have a successful campaign is to tell everyone you know.  The more that you link to your campaign the greater chances you will get your 35 hats created. You can post your links via social media such as Facebook and twitter. You can use forums and even tell people via email. Use the outreach of the web to ensure your success with marketing. If you need help with marketing contact us at and we can help you review your analytics. The best part is we all work together. We also will help to market you design.

Partnership program.

For our loyal artists that have really helped to spread the word of Lid Ninja and keep coming up with show stopping hats we do offer a partnership program in which reach out to our distribution channels. When a hat just works we will help to get that hat manufactured and sold throughout the world. It only takes one to become extremely successful and we will be your partner to ensure that happens. We will and the production, the logistics and the marketing distribution.

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