What are the minimums?

To get the best pricing one must speak with a sales agent and ask for a price sheet. To get a sample you can request us to send you a sample at a small cost or you can get one of your samples made to see how the high the product quality actually can be. We also have several videos that are filmed in HD and 4k to bring the samples more to life for you.

Pricing truly depends on the quality, style, fabric, quantity and extra touches that are needed to produce your show stopping hat.

Just like all wholesale opportunities and factory pricing options the higher the quantity, the better a price break to be provided. Based on design and hat style the best price break start around 250 and is in the $ 6.80 – $ 7.89-dollar range for a basic high quality and well-designed hat. You can buy units as low 50 units per order but of course the price will go up into the $ 10.49 – $ 12.90 range. This price does not include shipping.